Headshot 2015_02_19I work with clients who want to minimize the destruction of divorce. Many of my clients are business owners or farmers who want to continue operating their business or farm following the divorce. I help divorcing and separating clients to structure a settlement in a way that allows them to protect what is important, including their children, business or farm. While I am experienced in all aspects of family law, a particular area of strength and interest is in tax planning, business valuation and property division.

Having worked as a family lawyer since 1997, I have seen how inefficient and time consuming the adversarial litigation process is and recommend negotiation or Collaborative Divorce when the situation is appropriate. If adversarial litigation is required, I approach it as efficiently as possible. I constantly update my negotiation and litigation skills.

If you are considering Collaborative Divorce, I suggest that prior to making an appointment for a consultation, you review the materials on the CDAA website, and perhaps read the book The Collaborative Way to Divorce: The revolutionary method that results in less stress, lower costs, and happier kids — without going to court.

Many of my clients are from the Grande Prairie – Peace River area. If anything must be done in Edmonton, I try to schedule the meetings for a Monday or Friday to allow my clients to use part of the weekend for travel.

Before coming to see me for a consultation, I ask that you complete my confidential questionnaire, and forward it to my assistant, Bernadette, by fax (780-438-5788) or email (bgasslein@albertalegalhelp.com).